Burundi - Land of A Thousand Hills

Because Burundi neighbors Rwanda, its coffee is similar in flavor. Burundi coffee is highly acidic, meaning it’s naturally bright and full of citrus and berry notes. In addition, the country’s high altitudes further ensure a flavorful cup. Our coffee is specifically grown in Kayanza: a region in northern Burundi with mild weather and altitudes of up to 2,000 meters. These optimal conditions produce a profoundly well-balanced, rich cup of coffee -- unlike any other in the world. If you’re a fan of Kenyan coffees and their fruity, full-bodied nature, our Burundi just might be your new favorite.

Burundi Coffee growing regions, women produced green unroasted coffee from high altitude kayanza

However, our vision for Grand Paradé goes beyond the cup, and great coffee isn’t the only reason we love Burundi. We love this country for its beautiful, vibrant culture; we love this country for its people. We firmly believe that farmers are the bedrock of any coffee business, which is why we take a farmer-centered approach and put our coffee producers at the heart of everything we do. By maintaining direct relationships with our Burundi farmers and providing them with financing, training, and a sense of community, we can ensure that the Grand Paradé experience is beneficial to both you and our farmers.