Secret to Tanzania Coffee?

So what exactly makes our Tanzanian coffee so special? One key factor is the height at which it’s grown. Harvested on the hills of the grand Mt. Kilimanjaro, our Tanzanian AA coffee benefits from the high altitudes that make coffee immensely more rich and flavorful. Because high-altitude coffees face harsher conditions, they grow more slowly and thus have more time to develop complex sugars -- which results in a deliciously vibrant and full-bodied cup. In addition, our Kilimanjaro coffee is grown under the shade of banana trees, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Tanzanian AA coffee tastes amazing, but to us, great coffee is about so much more than its flavor; it’s also about the people who bring it to life. Our Tanzanian AA coffee has a story behind it -- a community of farmers who, for generations, have dedicated their lives to producing a quality crop. We see our farmers as family, and that’s why we choose to invest in them by paying them premium prices and funding local projects, like the building of dorms, libraries, water tanks and greenhouses. 

Roasted Tanzanian Coffee