Grand Parade Coffee is innovating a socially responsible direct trade approach that empowers its farmers by redistributing dividends. We are as passionate purveyors of coffee as we are in creating the most extraordinary coffee experience.  We conduct our business through the lens of humanity, starting with equitable farmer partnerships to the way we engage with our customers and communities. 

Fair Trade Coffee

Empowering Farmers

"We invest in our farmers and their communities before, during and after the coffee harvest."

Farmers are the bedrock of our business. With this blueprint, we focus on building solid partnerships with farmers and co-operatives. We pay our farmers premium prices for their coffees which they use improve the quality of their coffee and fund community programs like clean water, education and healthcare.

We focus on coffees from East Africa, mainly Kenya and Ethiopia. With this singular focus, we have unmatched access to exceptional coffees that we share with our coffee drinkers.


Simply Delicious Coffees

We balance uncompromising quality with innovative artisanship to bring you coffees with clean flavors and extraordinary aromas.  We strive to create a gourmet coffee experience, one that culminates in brewing the best cup, period!  

"A Grand Parade coffee is elegantly complex yet approachable in its delicate, sweet and clean flavors."