About Grand Parade Coffee

Grand Parade Coffee is innovating a socially responsible direct trade approach that empowers its farmers by redistributing dividends. We are as passionate purveyors of coffee as we are in creating the most extraordinary coffee experience.  We conduct our business through the lens of humanity, starting with equitable farmer partnerships to the way we engage with our customers and communities. 


Born from heritage and passion Grand Paradé is the brainchild of founder Kavi Bailey. Influential,  and progressive, Kavi is sustainable in partnering with coffee farmers . Fully committed to empowering farmers, her approach Transcends Price and Distributes Dividends. 

Uncompromising in quality, kavi is on a relentless pursuit for exceptional and delicious coffees. Her story begins in Kenya, on the coffee estates she spent her summers. After a successful career on Wall Street, Kavi left for the farm inspired to empower farmers and find the worlds's best coffees. She is intimately involved in the coffee’s journey and travels frequently to the farms, alongside her quality control team and agronomists.


At Grand Paradé, we believe farmers are our lifeline and the designers of coffees we desire and pursue. This is our Blueprint. We work alongside our farmers to improve the quality of coffee and to enhance the quality of their lives. Our farmers receive premium prices for their coffees, credit for farm inputs and support for community programs.

"We invest in our farmers and their communities before, during and after the coffee harvest."


At Grand Paradé, we balance uncompromising quality with innovative artisanship in showcasing coffees with clean flavors and extraordinary aromas. We simply obssess over every detail! Our coffees express the best of speciality coffee and display an impeccable balance of tradition and modernity.  

"Exclusive and prestige quality are the hallmarks of all Grand Paradé coffees."


At Grand Paradé, we believe all coffees, whole bean, ground, single origin or blended should be approachable and luxurious in their flavor profiles. We strive to create a gourmet coffee experience, one that culminates in brewing the best cup, period!  

"A Grand Paradé coffee is elegantly complex yet approachable in its delicate, sweet and clean flavors."