Portable and easily customizable, the AeroPress can brew anywhere from an espresso-strength to filter coffee. 

We recommend a 1:15 coffee to water ratio for the optimal extraction of flavor. Adjust to your taste and type of coffee.

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Brew Time : 1-2 Mins

*  25 grams of fresh-roasted whole bean coffee

*  375 grams of water

*  Scale  ;  Stirrer

*  AeroPress

*  AeroPress Filter

*  Kettle [preferable a goose neck kettle]

*  Grinder (preferable a burr grinder for consistency)




*   Fill your kettle and set to boil (about 200-205℉)

*   Weigh and grind coffee to a texture slightly finer than sea salt.

* Insert a paper filter into the AeroPress's detachable plastic cap.

*   Cautiously rinse the filter with hot/warm water.  Pour out this water.

*   Assemble the AeroPress and place it on the scale with the flared end facing up. Tare the scale zero.

*   Add ground coffee to the AeroPress and level the coffee bed.




*   Start timer &  pour the water over the coffee grounds and completely saturate. [Fill up to the ‘3’ mark (or 220 grams) on the Aeropress chamber]

*   Gently stir to evenly saturate the grounds - let sit for 30 seconds

*   Fill the brewing chamber with remaining hot water.

*  Attach the plunger into the brewing chamber and ensure the  black rubber piece seals the top.

*  Don’t plunge yet.



Stir & Plung

*  After 30-45 seconds, gently and steadily press down on the plunger, extracting brewed coffee through the chamber and into your favorite mug.

* Stop when you hear the hiss sound of air escaping.

* Enjoy!