The Pour over method is easy to master and brews aromatic and delicate coffees. Try the Beehouse or Kalita Wave drippers for smaller, calibrated batches, or the forgiving Chemex for a larger pot of coffee.

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We recommend a 1:15 coffee to water ratio for the optimal extraction of flavor. Adjust to your taste and type of coffee. * Brew Time : 3-4 Mins

What You'II Need:

*  25 grams of fresh-roasted whole bean coffee

*  Scale

*  Kalita Wave Dripper and Filter

*  Kettle [preferable a goose neck kettle]

*  Grinder (preferable a burr grinder for consistency)

*  375 grams of water



Step 2

*  Fill your kettle and set to boil

*  Weigh and grind coffee to a sea salt-like coarseness

*  Place paper filter in the Kalita Wave dripper

*  Rinse filter with warm water to prevent any paper taste

*  Discard water after rinsing filter 

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Step 3

*  Place cup or carafe on scale and tare to zero

*  Add ground coffee to rinsed filter and flatten the bed for an even pour

*  Start timer and gently saturate grounds with about 50 grams of hot water

*  Pour in a circular motion in the center of the coffee bed. In under 60 seconds, the coffee begins to “bloom” and de-gas

*  Allow 40–55 seconds for a solid bloom to ensure even saturation



Step 4

*  Add water in stages (around 100g-150g at a time) until you reach the desired final brew weight. Total brew time should be 3–4 minutes.

*  Serve & Enjoy!