Guatemala Antigua's Farmers Uplifted

Antigua, Guatemala is the gem of the coffee world. High altitudes, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and ideal temperatures and humidity make this small city perfect for growing coffee. Antigua’s farmers know what it takes to grow amazing coffee; using wisdom passed down through the generations, they’re able to cultivate some of the most incredible flavors the coffee world has to offer. Though these farmers pour immense love, dedication, and knowledge into their craft, their work often goes under appreciated. Globally, farmers are the most vulnerable members of the supply chain and are often overlooked when it comes to workers’ rights, fair wages, and more.

organic Guatemala unroasted green coffee beans Fairtrade single origin whole beans for roasting. home roasters raw coffee

This is why we built Grand Paradé on one premise: farmers deserve to not only survive, but to thrive. We’re proud to have sourced our Guatemala Antigua coffee directly from the farm, as with all of our coffees. By establishing direct relationships with our farmers, we ensure they’re receiving premium prices (sometimes even two or three times as much as fair-trade prices) and the tools they need to survive amidst challenges like COVID-19, climate change, and more. Our Antigua coffee comes from the Zelaya family, a community of farmers we are dedicated to empowering.