Burundi Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Fair Trade, Women Produced Coffee

Blackberry • Peach • Butterscotch

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Cupping Notes: Blackberry, Peach, Butterscotch, Chocolate

Like it's neighbor Kenya, our Women Produced Burundi coffee boasts a silky chocolate body layered with tamarind and candied lemon top notes which come through as the coffee cools. A fine cup with exquisite balance and a zesty, clean finish.

Like her neighbor Kenya, our Women-Produced, Burundi coffee is smooth and exquisitely balanced. Every sip is layered with a buttery toffee body, peachy and berry jam top notes and a touch of bittersweet candied orange peel. As the coffee cools, notes of caramel balance a creamy chocolate mouthfeel with a hint of tamarind in the finish.

Burundi Kayanza Gatukuza Women

Direct Trade - Women Produced Coffee

Our Fair Trade coffee is produced by the 500 plus small-holder farmers of the pioneering Gatukuza women empowerment group. Member farms sit in the high altitude and fertile Kayanza district in Burundi's Northern province that borders neighboring Rwanda. This sustainable coffee is the product of many years of hard work, training in best farming practices and advocacy for women.