Costa Rica La Minita Medium Roast

 Sweet Orange, Cherry, Toffee
A pedigree coffee with elegant and gorgeous flavors. The cup overflows with stone fruit sweetness – cherry, apricot and nectarine, all balanced by caramelized brown sugars and honey. The aroma is pure heaven. Every sip satiating with juicy notes, a mellow sweetness and velvety chocolate body.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Medium Roast profile 6


We recommend starting with a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio for optimal flavor extration. Best with Chemex, Kalita Wave, V60 coffee dripper.

Brew Time 3 - 4 Mins

Recommended Method

  1. 01
    Boil Water205 - 212 F
  2. 02
    Weigh Coffee1g coffee : 15g water
  3. 03
    Add FilterRinse filter
  4. 04
    Grind CoffeeMedium grind
  5. 05
    Add WaterPour circularly
  6. 06
    Enjoy CoffeeTo the last drop!

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