Empowering Farmers & Communities

Our coffees are purchased directly from the farmer. We embrace a holistic approach to the supply chain, one that creates a transparent coalition and empowers our farmers through the proportionate distribution of values. 

"The Ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and empowerment of human beings."

Grand Parade Coffee Imports - Award winning, cup of excellence Brazilian unroasted green coffee beans


Quality coffee is greatly dependent on well-drained and fertile soils, healthy coffee seedlings and trees, and ideal climates. We train our coffee farmers on quality assurance techniques and provide them with agronomic support. Ultimately, producing the optimum crop recognizably increases the farmer's income.

Grand Parade Coffee Imports - Direct trade coffee farmer relationships that empower farmers and their communities. We support local schools at origin by providing education resources and funding for infrastructure buildout.


Education empowers!  In safe guarding our communities, we fund educational projects designed to help young people realize their dreams through the power of their creativity. We continue to build dormitories and libraries, and install water tanks at local schools.