Chemex Coffee Maker - Pour Over Brew Guide

This iconic hour-glassed shaped carafe is known to brew a delicate and aromatic coffee. The simplicity of its design mirrors the simplicity of the coffee's preparation.



Recommended: 1 : 15 coffee to water ratio for optimal extraction. Adjust to taste and coffee typ

Brew Time: 3-4 Mins  

What You'II Need:
  • 25 grams of fresh-roasted coffee
  • 375 grams of water
  • Scale
  • Chemex Coffee Maker and Filter
  • Kettle [ preferable a goose neck kettle ]
  • Grinder | preferable a burr grinder |



  • Fill Kettle and set to boil
  • Weigh & grind coffee to sea salt-like coarseness

  • Place filter in top compartment of Chemex.

  • Rinse filter with warm water to prevent paper taste

  • Discard water after rinsing filter 


  • Place Chemex on scale - tare to zero

  • Add ground coffee - flatten bed for even pour

  • Start timer - gently pour about 50g of water over coffee

  • Pour in circular motion at center of coffee bed                                               




  • In approx. 60 seconds, coffee begins to “bloom” & de-gas

  • Allow 40–55 secs for solid bloom - ensures even saturation

  • Add water in stages - about 100g-150g at a time

  • Stop when you reach the desired final brew weight