What Makes Burundi Coffee Special

When trying great coffee for the first time, people often ask: What makes it taste so good? There are several answers. First, it matters where your coffee is coming from. All of our coffee is single-origin, meaning that the coffee beans in each bag come from onedistinct location: ensuring a more pure, clean, and high-quality flavor profile. Second, great coffee is in the way that it’s grown: what farming practices are used, and what environmental factors are involved.

Our Burundi coffee was grown at high altitudes in the fertile Kayanza district, a region located in Burundi’s northern province bordering Rwanda. These farmers have dedicated their entire lives to producing a quality product; the amazing flavor is the result of many years of hard work.

Beautifully smooth and balanced, our Burundi coffee comes alive with notes of buttery toffee, peach, candied orange, and berry in every sip. As the coffee cools, subtle caramel flavors, a hint of tamarind, and a creamy chocolate mouthfeel can be found in the finish. Burundi is known for producing coffee with incredible body and natural sweetness -- and ours is no exception. The exquisite flavor, paired with the knowledge that every purchase directly supports women coffee farmers across the world, is what makes this coffee so special.