Advocating for Burundi’s Women

Part V: Advocating for Burundi’s Women

Though more and more women are taking on leadership roles within the coffee industry, gender inequality is still a pressing issue -- especially amongst coffee producers. In 2015, the SCAA identified four key areas in which the gender gap amongst coffee producers are most pronounced. First, women coffee producers are less likely than their male counterparts to own land; second, they’re more likely to take on the brunt of physical labor; third, they are paid less than their male counterparts; and fourth, they are given fewer leadership positions.

As a woman-owned company, we recognize that women coffee producers need more protection and representation. This is why we’ve sourced our Burundi coffee from the Burundi Gatukuza Women Co-op , a pioneering women’s empowerment group made up of 500+ small-holder farmers. By sourcing women-produced coffee, our mission is to celebrate women-owned farms and provide women coffee farmers with both financial and emotional support. Since the beginning, we’ve made it a priority to fund local community projects that uplift women and children specifically, such as investment workshops, the building of dorms and libraries, and training in sustainable farming practices. There’s no question that Burundi coffee tastes amazing -- but what makes it even better is the assurance that your cup of coffee is benefitting women farmers across the globe.