Beauty in Tradition

For many people around the world, coffee is a part of everyday life. We drink it everyday, we see it being sold on every corner of every street -- but we tend to overlook how much work and dedication goes into the journey from farm to cup. Growing coffee takes immense patience, love, and care; it’s a slow but rewarding craft, one that coffee farmers around the globe have spent multiple generations mastering. For the farmers of Antigua, Guatemala coffee is more than a drink; it’s a tradition. Our Antigua coffee is family-grown, cultivated by the Zelaya family: a community of farmers who know what it takes to produce amazing single-origin coffee, because they’ve been doing it for decades.

Organic Guatemala Antigua raw, unroasted coffee beans. Fresh green coffee for home roasters. Roasting light, medium dark espresso roast develops rich flavor

The Zelaya family knows that cultivating amazing coffee lies in following tradition and deeply understanding the land. Their knowledge, paired with optimal environmental conditions in their region, are what make their coffee so great. The coffee that comes from Antigua is renowned around the world, and we’re proud to have directly partnered with the Zelaya family, to make sure you’re getting the best flavor possible. Light acidity, subtle notes of tropical fruit and caramel, and a lovely chocolate body -- every aspect of this incredible coffee is the result of decades-long tradition.