Fragrant Tanzania Kilimanjaro Coffee

At Grand Parade, our mission is simple yet bold. From the beginning, our goal has been to transform the way people think about coffee: to bring coffee producers front and center, after years of being an industry afterthought. Farmers are the bedrock of our business, and their well-being is our top priority. That’s why all of our coffee is fair-trade, sourced directly from farmers we’re in direct relationship with. By drinking Grand Parade Coffee, you can turn your daily coffee into a tool that directly benefits farmers - it’s a revolution in a cup, and our Tanzanian Kilimanjaro coffee is no exception.

This high-grown, beautifully fragrant coffee is brimming with notes of juicy citrus, smooth honey, and creamy chocolate. As the coffee cools, aromas of vibrant grapefruit and floral hibiscus come to the surface. Bright, fruity and exquisitely balanced, this coffee is an homage to the Shari Estate it comes from: an expansive, sustainable farm that’s been run by the Watamu family for over three generations. Located within the snow-capped foothills of the world-famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Shari Estate boasts a newly renovated wet mill and dry mill, ensuring quality control and traceability throughout the entire process. The result is coffee that reflects all of the natural beauty that Mount Kilimanjaro offers in abundance.

Tanzania AA Kilimanjaro Unroasted Coffee Beans