Tanzania AA Coffee - Estate Grown

If you’ve ever wondered how you as a coffee consumer can make a difference in the world, we’re here to assure you that it’s easier than you think. The key is in knowing where your coffee comes from. Every farmer has a story, and every farmer deserves recognition and support. Though coffee farmers dedicate their lives to putting love and labor into their crops, they typically only make 2-5% of the price of a cup of coffee, and their stories often go untold. At Grand Paradé, we’re dedicated to changing that, by recognizing farmers as the very foundation of the industry and putting them at the center of our approach.

Our Tanzania AA Kilimanjaro coffee is family-grown, produced by farmers on Mt. Kilimanjaro who have been working in the coffee world for over three generations -- and the difference can be both tasted and felt. Naturally sweet, full-bodied, and alive with vibrant notes of grapefruit and hibiscus, our Tanzanian coffee is some of the best that Tanzania has to offer, and it’s even better knowing that it directly supports an entire community of farmers. When you choose Grand Paradé, you’re choosing to support these coffee producers: the people who make the entire coffee industry possible.

 Tanzania AA Mount Kilimanjaro Medium Roast Whole Bean. Fresh Roasted Coffee