Organic Uganda Sipi Green Coffee Beans


Our organic Ugandan unrosted coffee beans boast raspberry molasses & chocolate notes. Fair trade, African single origin coffee. Premium arabica green coffee beans.

Produced from world renowned Bourbon & Blue Mountain varietals, our organic Ugandan coffee has clean and structured flavors. Full bodied with decadent flavors of chocolate and caramelized brown sugar that balance a delicate raspberry jam sweetness and a light but present cherry-plum acidity. This coffee has a juicy and bold finish. Super delicious!.

Organic Uganda Sipi Falls Green Coffee Beans

Direct Trade - Organic Certified

Our Organic Ugandan Sipi Falls single origin coffee is grown by smallholder producers of the Kapkwai Co-op. Member plots sit on the northern slopes of Mount Elgon, a massive peak located at the border of Uganda and Kenya. This fertile and lush region next to the infamous Sipi Fall is rife with great tasting coffees produced from the world renowned Blue Mountain and Bourbon varietals. Natural waterfalls and nutrient-rich volcanic soils create the perfect conditions for growing extraordinary organic arabica coffees.

* Recommended Roast: Medium to Dark

** Roast Green Coffee Beans prior to use.