How to Make Espresso-Like Coffee on a Moka Pot

The Moka Pot, a charming and traditional coffee maker, uses steam pressure to produces an intensely flavored, full-bodied espresso-like coffee with exceptional richness and creaminess. Invented in the 1930's in Italy, the Moka pot is a must have in many Italian homes. The Moka pot is named after the city of Mocha in Yemen, a city renowned for coffee excellence.

Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial and brew your best coffee on the Moka pot.

placing ground coffee in base of moka pot to brew Italian expresso



Brew Time : 6-7 Mins

*  25 grams of fresh-roasted whole bean coffee

*  375 grams of water

*  Scale  

*  Stovetop Moka Pot

*  Heat source (stovetop or burner)

*  Grinder (preferable a burr grinder for consistency)

*  Pot holders 




*   Weigh and grind coffee to a medium-fine grind (don't grind too fine). 

 *   Fill the base of the Moka pot, with cold water up to the indicator line (level of the valve). Insert the filter.

*   Add ground coffee to the filter basket and level of the bed (don't overpack).

*   Screw the pot tightly onto the base.

coffee ground fine for moka pot brewing for bold and creamy espresso
brewing Italian espresso on a moka pot on a stove in the kitchen



*   Place the moka pot on the stove over moderate heat. For your safety, keep the pot’s handle away from the heat.

*  Carefully remove the Moka pot from the stove as soon as the coffee begins to gurgle and before it rises and bubbles. This way you can extract the best cup espresso-like coffee.


Step 4

Serve & Enjoy

*  Mix coffee with a spoon.  Pour into cups and enjoy.

serving moka pot espresso coffee in a cup