French Press

A classic immersion brew. The French Press will brew a creamy, rich and bold cup of coffee for one or a crowd.

We recommend a 1:15 coffee to water ratio for the optimal extraction of flavor. Adjust to your taste and type of coffee.

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Brew Time : 3-4 Mins

*  25 grams of fresh-roasted whole bean coffee

*  375 grams of water

*  Scale  ;  Stirrer

*  French Press

*  Kettle [preferable a goose neck kettle]

*  Grinder (preferable a burr grinder for consistency)



*   Fill your kettle and set to boil

*   Weigh and grind coffee to a black pepper-like coarseness

*   Preheat the French press with some warm water.  Pour out this water.

*   Place the French press on the scale and tare it to zero.

*   Add ground coffee to French press carafe and level the coffee bed


Step 3

*   Fill the carafe about halfway with hot water, making sure the coffee grounds are completely saturated. 

*   After a minute stir the grounds to encourage even brewing and allow the coffee to de-gas. 

*   Pour the remaining water evenly and place the lid gently to seal the carafe. Don’t plunge yet.

*   Let the coffee steep for four minutes.


Step 4

 *   After 4 minutes move your French press from the scale to  your counter.  Now, press the plunger down slowly and carefully to prevent hot coffee from spurting.

*   When finished pressing, immediately serve the coffee. 

*   Don’t let coffee sit in the French Press as it will continue to brew and over-extract.