Panama Boquete Medium Roast Award Winner - Finca Lerida

Size: Whole Beans, 12oz

FLAVOR: Tangerine, Caramel, Almond

A pedigree Panama coffee from the famed Finca Lerida. Juicy cherry and pear notes complement a smooth chocolate body. Faint layers of maple syrup and hazelnut round up the cup. The finish is memorable as a well-defined orange essence lingers above an unobtrusive caramel sweetness.
Medium Dark Roast Profile 7


We recommend starting with a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio for optimal flavor extration. Best with Chemex, Kalita Wave, V60 coffee dripper.

Brew Time 3 - 4 Mins

Recommended Method:

Pour Over
  1. 01
    Boil Water205 - 212 F
  2. 02
    Weigh Coffee1g of coffee per 15g of water
  3. 03
    Add FilterRinse filter with water
  4. 04
    Grind CoffeeMedium grind and add to filter
  5. 05
    Add WaterPour in circular motion
  6. 06
    Enjoy CoffeeTo the last drop!

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