Women Produced Medium Roast Coffee Sampler

Each Bag Size:
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We are excited to share our Fair Trade, women-produced coffees with elegant and refined flavors. Profits support our farmers and their communities.


Prepare for a pointed coffee experience!

Burundi boasts a buttery toffee body with peach and berry jam notes while our organic Ethiopian sets up a delicious blueberry-forward cup. A rich dark chocolate mouthfeel hugs our organic Colombian with lingering notes of candied orange and cherry.

Women Produced Roasted Coffee Sampler

Fair Trade Certified

Grand Parade Coffee is innovating a socially responsible direct trade approach that empowers its farmers by redistributing dividends. We are as passionate purveyors of coffee as we are in creating the most extraordinary coffee experience.  We conduct our business through the lens of humanity, starting with equitable farmer partnerships to the way we engage with our customers and communities. 

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