Tsavo Organic Dark Roast Blend - 12oz

Rich Chocolate, Berry Jam, Caramel

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Our darkest blend, organic Tsavo dark roast celebrate the extra bold side of coffee. Dark chocolate, berry and caramel notes brew a smooth and balanced espresso cup.

Named after the world famous Tsavo National Park in Kenya, our signature organic dark roast blend celebrates the bold side of coffee. Enjoy caramelized sugars, berry jam and chocolate flavors. Our darkest blend coffee stands up to milk exceptionally well and complement its fruit and dark chocolate notes. The cup is rich, smooth and refined with a resonant finish.

Organic Tsavo Dark Roast Blend

Direct Trade - Farmer Profile

Our organic Tsavo Dark Roast is a perfect blend of our berry-forward Kenyan and chocolatey Colombian coffees. Each coffee is roasted to highlight its nuanced flavors and blended to create a balanced, low acid dark roast coffee.

Our Kenya AA is farmed on the organic Muiri Farm located in the snow-capped foothills of Mt Kenya. In Narino, we source our organic Colombian Supremo from the Munoz Estate, a woman-owned estate, nestled between the Amazon Basin and the Andes Mountains.