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Panama Boquete Finca Lerida

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A pedigree Panama unroasted green coffee from the famed Finca Lerida. Juicy cherry and pear notes complement a smooth chocolate body. Faint layers of maple syrup and hazelnut round up the cup. The finish is memorable as a well-defined orange essence lingers above an unobtrusive caramel sweetness.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Tangerine, Caramel, Almond

Panama Boquete Finca Lerida

Award Winner

Originally owned by famous engineer, Tollef Bache Monniche of the Panama Canal - The Lerida Estate has been growing and harvesting high quality coffee for decades. This 900-acre estate is located in the famed Boquete region nestled under the ecological wonderland of Volcan Buru National Park. A vintage hotel with amenities that equal its idyllic setting and fascinating origin story serves as a landmark.

Current owners maintain the estate’s sustainable and quality focus. Year-round, the estate employs 30 full-time workers and 60 seasonal workers hired during the harvest. Finca Lerida also has housing and a school for employees and their families.

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