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Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Guji, Grade 1 (Washed)

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Our organic Ethiopian Sidamo green coffee beans are exceptionally balanced. Vibrant peach notes lay a juicy backdrop for delicate Jasmine and chamomile fragrant flavors. Delectable notes of pear, green apple and honey lend a nice complexity. A milk chocolate mouthfeel rounds up this medium-bodied and pleasingly floral coffee.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Peach, Honey, Floral

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Shilicho Co-operative

Coffees from Sidamo are noted for their intensely fruit-forward, floral and complex character and are sought after worldwide.

Our organic Ethiopian coffee is produced by the 1,700 small- holder famers of the the Shilicho Cooperative. Member plots (about 2-5 ha) stretch along the steep foothills of the Mendebo mountains in the Sidama zone, in Ethiopia's southern highlands.  The combination of high altitude, rich red loam soil, a thick canopy of indigenous forest trees and Shilicho’s agronomics, produces an exceptionally bright and clean cup. Shilicho translates to “good taste” in the Sidama language, and the co-op’s coffee lives up to its name!

The Shilicho Co-op is a member of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) founded in 2001 to represent small-scale farmers. A mission very much in line with Shilicho’s philosophy that is focused on supporting and growing with the coffee farming communities. To support its affiliate co-operatives, the SCFCU provides technical assistance, share modern farming equipment, and provide organic certification programs for its members. Shilicho is actively invested in community development projects and places an emphasis on education - giving scholarships to members' children and building schools.

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