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Organic Colombia Narino Supremo

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Unlike the classic Supremo, our organic Colombian unroasted green coffee is structured and exciting. Farmed in Nariño along the Andes Mountains, cool, dewy temperatures develop a bold cup with the sweetest aroma. Nariño’s signature flavor is nutty and enhanced with a juicy, mouthwatering acidity which gives the cup a special kick! Berry and sweet orange top-notes round up a bittersweet chocolate mouthfeel. The finish is smooth with a big aroma of toffee folded in with molasses.
Dark Chocolate, Orange
Caturra, Catuai
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Organic Colombia Nariño Supremo

Women Produced Coffee

This refined, organic Columbian coffee is farmed on 5-hectare Muñoz farm in Cusillo. A small village nestled between the Amazon basin and the Andes Mountain Range. Here, warm tropical day winds from the Pacific Coast and cool mountain night temperatures create a unique climate that favors the development of sweet sugars and pronounced aromas in our Nariño coffee.

The family hand-picks the ripest of cherries and meticulously process them own small micro-mill that Muñoz financed with the help of a small micro-loan from the local farmer society. With in-house processing, the family is focused on quality and takes extra care in de-pulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. As a member of the organic association, a producers’ association founded to improve the organic farming of coffee, Muñoz receives technical advice in organic farm management, waste reduction, and environmental protection.

Muñoz and her family grow this organic coffee alongside sugarcane, yucca, and plantains food crops.

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