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Malawi AA Mzuzu Geisha Medium Roast

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World's best kept secret! This Malawi coffee is seriously a treat with its bright acidity and delicate sweetness. The cup shows off a balanced wine-like acidity, a creamy mouthfeel and layers of peach and berry. The finish is soft with a caramel sweetness and the distinct flavor of dates.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Peach, Berry, Caramel, Cocoa

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Malawi AA Mzuzu Geisha

Fair Trade Certified

Along the hills that dot the countryside, near the shores of Lake Malawi, our Malawi AA coffee is farmed by members of Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union. 

Established in 2006, the Union is home to nearly 3,500 farming families (25% women) from six local cooperatives.  Much of the coffee in this region is of the highly regarded Gesha (Geisha) variety known for producing award winning coffees.

Mzuzu brings a new vision to Malawi's coffee industry The Union emphasizes gender equity. Women members are encouraged to own land and sit on the Board. In 2009, Mazuzu was Fairtrade certifie. With certification, Mzuzu gained access to Fairtrade Premiums which they have used to construct a local hospital and upgrade washing stations.

“The enthusiasm to integrate new technology, roast and cup coffee on-site, and empower farmers is synergistic with Grand Parade’s mission.”

Mzuzu is also on the leading edge of technology with its use of a coffee integrated system that collects data from all washing stations. The Union promotes coffee growing sustainability programs and supports members to embrace a holistic intercropped system. Farmers are trained to utilize shade trees and nitrogen-fixing ground cover to protect and nourish coffee trees. They are also educated on how to produce and apply homemade organic fertilizers to enrich the soil.

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