Costa Rica Green Coffee Beans, La Minita, Rainforest Alliance Certified


Organic Costar Rican coffee with elegant and refined flavors. Mild cherry and orange flavors brighten this smooth Tarrazu coffee with caramel and chocolate notes.

    A pedigree coffee with elegant and refined flavors. This Rainforest Alliance Certified Costa Rican coffee brews a full-bodied cup with an underlying caramel sweetness and a vibrant acidity that has a tangy cherry, and candied citrus quality. The finish is clean, bright and smooth.



    La Minita coffee is renowned to be one of the most refined and focused coffees. This well crafted coffee is produced in very quantities with an unmatched attention to detail. Located at an altitude above 4,500 feet, the La Minita farm lies between the Tarrazu river and the Candelaria river. Here, coffee is grown under a carefully managed canopy of Poro shade trees which naturally provide essential Nitrogen to the coffee trees and minimize the need for fertilizers. 

    During harvesting, only the ripest cherries are meticulously hand picked and inspected to ensure quality. Workers at this sustainable estate are well paid and cared for. La Minita has created a family community for its workers and provides them with free housing, utilities, clean water, and preventative medical care.

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