Located in the south of Ethiopia, the Sidama region offers great-quality coffee. Sidama’s coffees have lemon-citric tones with bright acidity. Coffees from here are often classified as "Sidamo," but the region itself is known more correctly as Sidama.  This specialty grade Sidamo coffee has clear Ethiopian cup characteristics - fruit forward, floral aromas balanced with a silky chocolate body. Big consistent sized beans are easy to roast with good audible cracks and sweet roasting aroma. Perfect as a medium roast for easy drinking pour over or filter coffee or extend the roast for a creamy, fruit espresso with well balanced acidity.

This Ethiopia Sidamo 2 coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Shilicho Cooperative located within the Dara district of the Sidama region. The Cooperative currently has 1,712 members.

  • Farmer:  Shilicho Farmers Co-operative
  • Variety:  Bourbon, Indigenous Heirloom
  • Region: Sidama, Ethiopia
  • Altitude:  1,950 - 2,100 meters
  • Process: Fully Washed