Our Grand Designer Kenya AA bourbon coffee beans are farmed on the Pearless Estate, a quality-focused farm owned by the Mr. Wachira. The farm is located 3km from the Kimathi University College in Nyeri County, Kenya's most revered coffee region. Established in the mid 1920’s by British settlers, the estate is among the oldest and largest coffee plantations in Kenya. This unique estate is infamous for solely farming the most-prized and complex SL 28 and SL 34 Bourbon varieties, a rare opportunity in Kenya where there is a growing use of  hybrids. That said, estate manager Njau is experimenting with the Ruiru 11 and evaluating its prospects. Pearless currently produces 34 tons of coffee annually and is set to produce 40 tons in the coming year as it benefits from improved methods of farming.

Manager Njau operates the farm with a keen sensitivity towards quality, social and environmental awareness.  The estate is committed to high worker standards and supports its permanent and 20 plus seasonal employees with regular training on advanced safety and processing methods, along with education on good farming practices. The estate has been recognized for its leading standards and was awarded the CAFE certification in November, 2017.