Cupping Notes: Tangerine, Cherry, Raisin, Caramel, chocolate notes

Our Fair Trade, Panama coffee is farmed on the historic Finca Lerida Estate, a 900-acre farm located in the famed Boquete region nested along the ecological wonderland of the Volcan Buru National Park and the high ridges of the Central Range. Here, the North winds blowing over the mountains create a fine mist called "bajareque" that acts to slowdown the ripening of coffee cherries and hence contribute to the sweet and complex cups synonymous of Panamanian coffees.

We uphold high standards in sourcing and roasting the finest and most delicious specialty arabica coffees from around the world.

Small Batch, Air Roast: For an even, smooth roast with no bitterness or carcinogens
Daily Roast: Receive fresh coffee roasted everyday! Check our roast date on the bag.
Nitrogen Flushed: This safe, odorless gas used in the food industry preserves the freshness of coffee.
Resealable Bags with One-Way Air Valve: Keeps the aroma and flavors of your coffee for longer.