Our specialty grade 1 Organic Ethiopian Sidamo shines with sparkling fruit notes and pronounced sweetness. The dry fragrance is front-loaded with stone fruit jam, a layer of honey sweetness, and mixed fruit and spice smells. At the cupping table, multi-layered  fruit tones, subtle floral aromatics, and a delicate honey sweetness shine.

City roasts make for a vibrant cup with refreshing citrus flavors, subtle herbal notes, a silky caramel sweetness (that intensifies with increasing roast temp.), and a black tea finish.

City+ roasts builds up on this coffee's dark berry and stone fruit flavors (like peach preserve and apricot) and makes for a more bodied cup that fades into a smooth cacao-laden finish. This coffee's acidity level is moderate and thus makes for a bold, creamy espresso with flavors of dried stone fruit and dark chocolate.