This special coffee is produced by Bedhatu Jibicho, a native to the Worka region of Gedeb. At 80+ years, Bedhatu has mastered the art of producing great coffee, having managed her 23-hectare plot of government-allotted farmland since the 1960s. Today, she enjoys working alongside her children and sharing her rich tradition of coffee production. The family has plans to use premiums for their harvest to expand the farm and start an export business.

In 2013, Bedhatu joined a nearby co-op, Banko Gotiti, when it opened it doors. That same year, her farm was recognized as a community model. With enriching specialty coffee training her harvest was separated and sold traceably through the YCFCU (the umbrella Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union covering coops in the Gedeo Zone). 

While not unheard of, it's exceedingly uncommon to find a single-farmer lot from Ethiopia. This remarkable coffee offers a unique opportunity to taste the very best of coffees from the homeland of Arabica!