Our special reserve Blue Mountain coffee is grown on the Keera Estate in Kisii County, a lush & fertile catchment around Lake Victoria with picturesque undulating hills that resemble the Jamaica Blue Mountains. 

The Keera Estate is a model farm amidst a region with declining coffee production  as farmers replace coffee trees with sustainable food crops. The Estate's organic certification is a statement to their meticulous farming and processing methods. Factory manager Ochieng heads the processing of about 30 tons of cherries annually. Hand pickers deliver their carefully selected ripe cherries daily to the Estates's washing station where they are hand-sorted to remove damaged and under-ripe cherries. Cherries are then de-pulped and double fermented with periods of intermittent washing and soaking using fresh water from the River Gucha. Coffee is triple washed then moved to pre-drying tables to drain excess water. Later coffee beans are spread on permanent raised-beds where they are covered during the hottest part of the day to allow even drying. Dried coffee is delivered to an organic-only mill where it is processed, graded and stored in moisture-free bags.