Rich and complex, Grand Parade whole bean medium roast coffee is rich, complex and full-bodied with flavor notes of milk chocolate. Grand Parade?s medium roast blend is skillfully created by blending the finest 100% USDA Organic certified Arabica coffees sustainably sourced from the top 1% farmers around the world. Our medium roast blend is hand-roasted in small batches resulting is an authentic medium roast coffee that is beautifully balanced, and never bitter.* Tasting notes: Smooth and balanced taste. Complex and full bodied taste with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and blackberry.* Perfect choice for coffee lovers who prefer grinding the beans to suit their own individual taste and preparation method.* Sourced from the top 1% of Arabica beans grown worldwide.* Packed in an air-tight, sealed bags designed with a one-way degassing valve that preserves the flavor, aroma and complexity of our coffee and ensuring optimal freshness.* We roast our coffees to order & deliver directly to grocery shelves - ensuring we get it to you fast and fresh.* We aim to deliver the richest, most flavorful cup, and therefore never compromise on quality and freshness Grand Parade® Aberdare Blend® Organic Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12 oz. Bag