Our highly decorated, Fairtrade bourbon coffee beans is grown by sustainably-conscious farmers of the Ndumberi co-operative in the much lauded Kiambu County sitting on southern edge of the Aberdare mountains. Ndumberi, an advocate for sustainable agricultural practices, is certified under the 4C Association, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance standards. The society uses its Fairtrade premiums to buy medical supplies dispensed at the Riabai dispensary located within the co-op's grounds, and install clean water tanks in the community.  If that was not all, Ndumberi extends credit to its members for farm inputs, laborer wages and family emergencies. 

Registered in 1960, the society has grown its membership from 430 to 3,000, as  members continue to improve quality and fetch better prices for their coffees. Leadership at Ndumberi continues to invest in training and quality control, agronomy support and digitization. A recently built cupping lab allows members to analyze the quality of their coffees.