This "RARE ORGANIC KENYAN COFFEE is a must have! It is super rare to find organic coffees in Kenya, so this gem is not only delicious, but also certified. 

CUP PROFILE: Enjoy a complex and clean cup in this coffee full of sweet concord grape notes, mimicking a grape jelly vibe. A lively strawberry-like acidity pairs with a silky vanilla-nougat mouthfeel making this raw green coffee beans extra special!

ROAST PROFILE: Home roasters & specialty coffee shops will love this coffee's versatility with a large 16/17 bean size. This coffee will produce a vibrant and bold cup in all roast profiles - Light, medium, dark or espresso roasts.  

FARM PROFILE: Our high altitude, organic, single origin coffee beans are grown in Nyeri county, Kenya's most revered coffee region. Established in the late 1960's, Muiri Estate is one of the very few certified organic farms in Kenya with its own processing wet mill.