Our Fairtrade bourbon coffee beans are produced by small-holder farmers of the Barichu co-op in Nyeri County, one of Kenya's oldest and largest co-operatives. The society's 6,000 plus members tend on average 300 coffee trees on their less than an hectare plots on which they also grow maize, bananas and macadamia trees. This special coffee is grown in Kenya's Central Highlands between the eastern base of the Aberdare Range and Mt. Kenya, a region with nutrient-rich volcanic soils and heavy rainfall. Here, the coffee develops its smooth, winey body beautifully balanced with a chocolate-caramel finish.

Barichu is a big advocate of sustainable farming practices and encourages its members to plant shade trees, recycle pulp as organic fertilizer and plant grass to conserve soil. A team of full-time agronomists model out these techniques on the co-op's demo station plot.  In addition, Barichu sets a high bar in payouts as its members receive 95% of their coffees' price versus the industry's 82% . Members also receive credit for farm inputs, school fees, and medial emergencies.