• Flavor Profile: Peach cobbler, lively orange citrus notes, creamy chocolate body
  • Fair Trade Certified Guatemala Coffee- High Altitude (1800M +) Bourbon varietal
  • Specialty Arabica - Handpicked, European Prepared (EP) with no primary defects
  • Roast Green Coffee Beans to Fit Unique Taste. Medium Roast Recommended

Coffees from Huehuetenango in Guatemala are among the more sought-after in all of Central America. Reputable for high elevations and optimal climate, Huehue coffees are complex and nuanced. The Huehuetenango department is remote and sits just across the Mexican border of Chiapas. Our Guatemalan coffee is farmed on the 95-hectare Finca Providencia best known for producing some of the best specialty coffees in Guatemala. The Estate boasts its own mill strategically built at the highest point on the sloped property to take full advantage of gravity - ripe cherries are placed in water and carried through the de-pulping process on a series of water canals to the drying patios below. The extreme remoteness of Huehuetenango typically requires all producers to process their own coffee. Fortunately, the region has an almost infinite number of rivers and streams, so a mill can be placed almost anywhere.