• Flavor Profile: Peach Cobbler, Lively Orange Citrus, Silky Chocolate Body
  • Organic Guatemala Coffee (Central American) - High Altitude (1800M +) Bourbon varietal.
  • Specialty Arabica - Handpicked, European Prepared (EP) with no primary defects
  • Roast Green Coffee Beans to Fit Unique Taste. Medium Roast Recommended
  • Packaged Fresh in 2-ply Foil Bag with 1-way Air Valve

Organic Guatemala Atitlan Green Coffee Beans

Cupping Notes: Berry, Apple, Toffee, Chocolate

Our Organic Guatemalan coffee shines with tropical fruit flavors and subtle apple notes that pop as the cup cools. The acidity is soft with hints of berry and orange flavors that are offset by a lovely chocolate body.

This Organic Guatemalan coffee is farmed by the 160 small-holder farmers of the La Voz co-operative in Atitlan. The region is reputable for its high altitude, optimal climate and organic matter.

  • Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans. Wet Processed
  • Strictly High Grown at altitudes above 1350 meters
  • Hand sorted to remove defective beans
  • *Roast Green Coffee Beans prior to use

City Roasts have a buttery sweetness rounded with almond and toffee. More like almond brittle candy with an apple-like acidity that pops as the coffee cools.

Full City Roasts develop syrupy dark chocolate tones and a creamy nutty mouthfeel. The finish has a molasses under-note that balances the cocoa body.

A versatile Guatemalan coffee that will yield a sweet, complex cup.