How it tastes? Vibrant lemon and peach top notes enrich a delicious milk chocolate body with sweet layers of honey and caramel. The finish is delicate with floral layers of jasmine and cardamom.

The cup is distinctly bright and crisp when hot and cools down to notes of milk chocolate and jammy peach reminiscent of a peach croissant.

Recommended Roast: Medium
This coffee’s delicate juiciness and acidity shines with a lighter roast. The beans tend to crack a little early so manage the heat to develop structured flavors.

Expect lush layers of candied apricot, bergamot and a delicate peach finish. A delightful brew you will want to sit and sip all day!.

  • Organic, GMO-free
  • Roast coffee prior to use
  • 100% Specialty arabica
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Direct Trade, Fair Trade
  • Packaged in 2-ply foil bag