Costa Rica Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is farmed on the farmed Hacienda La Minita Estate, well known for the utmost quality control from planting, harvesting, and through processing. The Estate, which is approximately 2,000 acres in size, lies between the town of Bustamante and the Tarrazu river. Located southeast of the capital city San José, Tarrazú is known worldwide for producing some of the best tasting coffee. The area is so famous it's called “La Cuna del Café Costarricense"—the area where Costa Rican coffee was born. Typica, Caturra, Bourbon and Catuai are all grown on the farm under a carefully managed canopy of Poro shade trees which naturally provide essential nitrogen to the coffee trees and minimize the need for fertilizer inputs. Smooth and full-bodied with an elegant, complex flavor and clean finish - This coffee is one of the most refined and focused coffees in the world due to the incredible attention to detail at every step of processing.
  • Flavor Profile: Tart Cherry, Sweet Orange, Smooth Chocolate
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified - High Elevation (1800M +) SHB Bourbon, Caturra Varietals
  • Specialty Arabica Coffee - Handpicked, European Prepared (EP) with no primary defects
  • Roast Green Coffee Beans to Fit Unique Taste. Medium Roast Recommended
  • Packaged Fresh in 2-ply Foil Bag with 1-way Air Valve. Perfect for Home roasters.

Rain Forest Alliance