This "RARE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE" grown in Kenya is a must have! Blue mountain known to be one of the most expensive coffees is also extraordinarily delicious. 

Like the Jamaica, our Kenya Blue Mountain coffee is grown at the very highest altitudes on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Kenya. This fertile and lush catchment resembles that of Jamaica Blue Mountain- Here the cloud cover, rainfall and rich soil produces a limited supply of one of the most expensive coffees in the world. This coffee is produced on the Organic certified Keera Estate that takes great care in the organic growing and processing of this spectacular coffee. The Estate grows this special coffee alongside organic banana trees and tea crop - get ready for a pointed coffee experience!

Jamaica is world renowned for producing the Blue Mountain variety. However, Kenya has been farming high quality Blue Mountain coffee at a small scale. These coffees are not only exquisite but their depth of flavors match the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica

  • Region: Nyeri County, Kenya
  • Farmer:  Keera Estate
  • Varietal:  100% Blue Mountain
  • Altitude: 2,090 - 2,230 meters
  • Process: Fully Washed | Dried on raised beds
  • Certification: Organic, Direct Trade, Fair Trade