Burundi & Importance of Direct Trade

Though coffee is a huge part of everyday life, coffee farmers around the world are still struggling to make a living wage. Coffee producers are extremely vulnerable to poverty, food scarcity, and limited legal protection -- and with rising global temperatures making it increasingly difficult to grow coffee, their livelihoods are at greater risk than ever before. This is why we’re dedicated to providing direct-trade, fair-trade certified coffee.

If you’re wondering exactly what that means, it means that we’re in direct relationship with our coffee producers and are committed to preserving their livelihoods by paying them premium prices and strengthening local communities. To us, transparency is of utmost importance; we want to know exactly who’s growing our coffee, what tools they need to thrive, and how we as a small business can empower them and their families. This is why we source our Burundi coffee directly from the farmers of the Burundi Kayanza Gatukuza, a group dedicated to empowering women farmers. We believe that the difference can be both tasted and felt, and a truly amazing cup of coffee comes from the knowledge that farmers are being empowered in the process.