Organic Uganda Blue Mountain Reserve - Prime Grade 1

Unroasted Coffee (Size): 3 LB
Grown along the cascading waterfalls of Sipi Falls, our organic Uganda green coffee is produced from the world renowned Blue Mountain coffee. A refined and structured cup with bold chocolate notes that hug a delicate raspberry jam sweetness. Rich layers of caramelized brown sugar round up the cup and balance an ever present cherry-plum acidity. A full-bodied 100% Blue Mountain coffee worthy of merit.

FLAVOR: Raspberry Jam, Toffee, Dark Chocolate

How it tastes? Multi-layers of chocolate hug soft lingering flavors of nougat, caramel and vanilla. The fruit profile has a resounding plummy sweetness, with cherry, cranberry, dates, and peach notes.

The finish is clean and balanced as notes of molasses and cocoa harmonize with a gentle cherry-plum acidity.

A sweet, thick bodied coffee for a delicious fruit-forward espresso, or a juicy drip or pour-over brew.
Recommended Roast: Medium - Espresso.

This dense coffee is surprisingly easy to roast and handles heat well. Crank up the heat through stage one and pull back about 2 mins before coloring.

Shoot for a longer Maillard and post-crack development to develop a refined and structured cup with bold chocolate. 

This Ugandan coffee exceeds expectation - moderate moisture, average density and tight screen size.
  • Organic, GMO-Free
  • Roast coffee prior to use
  • 100% Specialty arabica
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Direct Trade, Fair Trade
  • Packaged in 2-ply foil bag

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Organic Uganda Blue Mountain Reserve

Our Organic Blue Mountain Blend single origin coffee is farmed by members of the Kapkwai Co-op in Uganda. Member plots stretch along the cascading waterfalls of the infamous Sipi Falls.

PRODUCER Kapkwai Co-operative
REGION Kapchorwa District, Ugandda
HARVEST Oct '21 - Feb '22
ARRIVAL Jan - April '22
PROCESS Fully Washed & dried on raised beds
VARIETY Blue Mountain, Bourbon
ELEVATION 1,800 - 2,000 masl

This fertile and lush region sits on the nothern slopes of Mount Elgon and is rife with great tasting coffees. Natural waterfalls and nutrient-rich volcanic soils create the perfect conditions for growing this extraordinary organic Blue Mountain Blend.

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