Organic Uganda Sipi Unroasted Coffee Beans, Blue Mountain Blend

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Grown along the cascading waterfalls of Sipi Falls, our organic Uganda green coffee is produced from the world renowned Bourbon & Blue Mountain coffee varietals. This Blue Mountain Blend is refined and structured. Bold chocolate notes hug a delicate raspberry jam sweetness. Rich layers of caramelized brown sugar round up the cup and balance an ever present cherry-plum acidity. A full-bodied African unroasted coffee worthy of merit.

Organic Uganda Sipi Blue Mountain Blend

Kapkwai Co-operative

Our Organic Blue Mountain Blend single origin coffee is farmed by members of the Kapkwai Co-op in Uganda. Member plots stretch along the cascading waterfalls of the infamous Sipi Falls.

This fertile and lush region sits on the nothern slopes of Mount Elgon and is rife with great tasting coffees. Natural waterfalls and nutrient-rich volcanic soils create the perfect conditions for growing this extraordinary organic Blue Mountain Blend.

Sipi's dedicated staff and quality manager cup this coffee intermittently after processing to ensure a great cup.  The quality coffee produced by this sustainable co-operative is a testament to the truly ideal conditions of elevation, biological wealth, and human experience that abound among the farmers and management team.

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