Jamaica Blue Mountain Prime Grade 1 - Wallenford Estate

Unroasted Coffee (Size): 3 LB
Named after the mist that casts a blue-tinged glow over the Jamaican mountainside, this special reserve coffee is farmed on the prestigious Wallenford Estate, beneath the peak of the 7,400 foot Blue Ridge.

Sweet island sun and fertile soils create ideal growing conditions for an extraordinary coffee. The result is a balanced and sweet coffee with layers of cocoa, citrus and an intense aroma. The personal connection and luxurious feel of this coffee embodies Grand Parade in every way.

FLAVOR: Mandarin Orange, Toffee, Chocolate

How it tastes? Special Jamaica Blue Mountain bursting with layers of flavor. A coffee worthy of mention.

A refined cup with tons of creamy chocolate and a pleasing sweetness presented by plum and sweet orange top-notes. 

The aroma is intense and the taste pleasing. The brew is crisp yet smooth and wonderful acidic.
Recommended Roast: Medium roast develops complex chocolate notes, delicate fruits flavors and toffee overtones.

Its fun to roast Blue Mountain coffee. This high elevation bean has a high density and takes heat real well.

Roast with a medium initial temp. during warmup and gradually increase to about 350F after 4 mins.
  • Organic, GMO-free
  • Roast coffee prior to use
  • 100% Blue Mountain
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Direct Trade, Fair Trade
  • Packaged in 2-ply foil bag

Jamaica Blue Mountain - Wallenford Estate

High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains grow some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite coffee.The Wallenford Estate has a rich tradition of growing high quality Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Wallenford farms coffee on about 5,000 acres of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee land spread across five parishes within the Blue Mountains and High Mountain regions.

PRODUCER Wallenford Estate
REGION Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
HARVEST Oct '21 - Feb '22
ARRIVAL Jan - July '22
PROCESS Fully Washed & dried on raised beds
VARIETY Blue Mountain
ELEVATION 2,300 - 2,990 masl

Each parish is adorned with a processing station to ensure fresh harvested coffee cherries are processed on time and with the utmost care. Wallenford prides itself on its farming and production practices.

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica sets meticulous standards for growing, harvesting and processing their coffee, with each bean being inspected and certified to meet rigorous quality standards before it can earn the Jamaica Blue Mountain name

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