100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Medium Roast - Wallenford Estate - Prime Grade 1

Size: Whole Beans, 12oz

FLAVOR: Mandarin Orange, Plum, Toffee

Named after the mist that casts a blue-tinged glow over the Jamaican mountainside, this special reserve coffee is farmed on the prestigious Wallenford Estate, beneath the peak of the 7,400 foot Blue Ridge. Sweet island sun and fertile soils create ideal growing conditions for an extraordinary coffee. The result is a balanced and sweet coffee with layers of cocoa, citrus and an intense aroma.
Medium roast profile 5


We recommend starting with a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio for optimal flavor extration. Best with Chemex, Kalita Wave, V60 coffee dripper.

Brew Time 3 - 4 Mins

Recommended Method:

Pour Over
  1. 01.
    Boil Water205 - 212 F
  2. 02.
    Weigh Coffee25 grams
  3. 03.
    Add FilterRinse with water
  4. 04.
    Grind CoffeeAdd to filter
  5. 05.
    Add WaterIn circular motion
  6. 06.
    Enjoy CoffeeTo the last drop!

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